This is a NON-RELIGIOUS and an interdenominational divine WAY, basically to enlighten and empower the human spirit to be sensitive and dependent to the SHEPHERD'S VOICE spiritually, and to manifest the revealed Word physically by total obedience, thereby taking personal responsibility of life as a leader to spiritually and physically affect lives in leadership.

As a NON-RELIGIOUS and an interdenominational divine WAY, She is established basically to enlighten and empower the human spirit and life in PEACE, to overcome the oppressive waste and desolation of various acts of immorality which starve the soul of eternal nourishment, to end up in peace.

The average life of today (especially the youths and young adults) is a move, in a way of living in the waste of sexual immorality by the deceitful strength of the voice of the enemy (or stranger). Life is a function of the voice with the word  to the expression or manifestation as activities. Read more


A group of Volunteered – Willing – Obedient individuals with testimonies of benefits and fulfilments from the Crucified Leadership training conference, to practically inspire and impact a youth for a divine change and focus to ordained issues and Read More


An interdenominational women ministry basically to define, enlighten, empower and fulfil the divine purpose of the wife in the home with the resulting expectation of peace and fulfilments, through topical seminars and conferences. This is open to the Singles’, the Alones’ and Read More


An interdenominational training programme of peace to achieve a one-one relationship with the Creator, manifesting and living by the revealed Word from God. She basically builds the individual’s instruction and destiny by being sensitive, dependent and totally obedient to the divine voice. Read More


REASONINGS - a divine interaction where understanding to divine judgement of the principles and manifestation of Truth is achieved. This is powered by reason to the divine ORDER, LIMITATION and EXEMPTION of activities in life. Thereby living above waste, preparing the so Read More


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The CRUCIFIEDWAYtv is a platform of divine spiritual development to be sensitive to hear the voice of the Lord, to depend on the Word and totally obey as activities in life, living above waste to nourish the soul to end up peacefully in eternity; thereby taking personal responsibility to a meaningful and fulfilled life.

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