WITLEADCOM is the Publication Arm of the CrucifiedWAY Ministry. It comprises of email lectures which are developmental series that share gospel and kingdom values of truth in teachings for the individual to be sensitive and groomed for a cordial relationship with GOD, THE CREATOR. To Join an on-going email lecture series kindly CLICK ON THIS.
The WITLEADCOM also publishes a bi-anual online journal in order to witness redemption to the soul by creating reason and establishing understanding; to empower the spirit to lead the soul in God's value and nature in nourishment; to end up peacefully in eternity. It aims to direct one to live and command life in the manifestation of God's order and value, in His perfect will and master plan; to live above the violence against the kingdom of heaven - sexual immorality.
Beloved don’t miss the subsequent editions - preparing the saints to be ready for the bridegroom.


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