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This is an interdenominational divine way, basically to enlighten and empower the human spirit and life in peace, to overcome the oppressive waste and desolation of various acts of immorality which starve the soul of eternal nourishment, to end up in peace.

The average life of today (especially the youths) is a move, in a way of living in the waste of sexual immorality by the deceitful strength of the voice of the enemy (or stranger). Life is a function of the voice with the word  to the expression or manifestation as activities.


Enlightening thy people on the divine principles of life, the discipline to life and the instruction for life.


To enlighten and empower the individual to be sensitive, dependent and totally obedient to the Shepherd’s voice to live by the Words that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, living above various forms of immorality, nourishing the soul with values and the nature of God to end peacefully in eternity.

The CRUCIFIED WAY MINISTRY functions through revealed reach out arms of manifestations as refers:


A divine interaction where understanding to divine judgement of the principles and manifestation of Truth is achieved. This is powered by reason to the divine ORDER, LIMITATION and EXEMPTION of activities in life. Thereby living above waste, preparing the soul for a life of peace in eternity. It is a non-denominational seminar, conference or one-one interaction.

Crucified leadership training conference:  

An interdenominational training programme of peace to achieve a one-one relationship with the Creator, manifesting and living by the revealed Word from God. She builds and inspires the individual to his or her creational concept of life being fulfilled as a creature on planet earth, by being sensitive, dependent and totally obedient to the Shepherd’s voice spiritually to manifest the revealed Word physically, thereby taking personal responsibility of life as a leader to spiritually and physically affect lives in leadership.

The rib

An interdenominational  women ministry basically to define, empower and fulfill the divine purpose of the wife in the home with the resulting expectation of peace, through topical seminars and conferences.


An interdenominational reach out campaign-meeting, of divine supernatural impact to a right mind perfecting healing, deliverance and total freedom indeed, with the fulfillment of divine purpose and the peace of life.

The CRUCIFIED WAY MINISTRY is not a Church denomination; the various arms of manifestations are also not denominational. She is basically a divine way in a reach out to glorify Jesus:
Our divine target is to the individual and not Church-denomination.

   A personal development of the human spirit (as an individual) to hear, sensitive, dependent and totally obedient to the voice of the Lord on HIS Word; and not doctrinal.


   To make the individual the divine leader by creation and to network in life by leadership beyond religion, denomination, ignorance, tradition, custom with encouraging suggestions and deceitful facts.


    To build the individuals authority on the WORD (Christ) beyond the confusion, doubt and fear in the world.

    To position the individual as a friend of God in divine relationship. To speak with God as a man speaks to a friend with ease, speed and comfort.
We are glad to work with any willing Christ-centered Church, Individual, Non-Governmental Organization, Fellowship, Organization, Group, Institutions, Ministry etc to glorify Jesus in a blissful generation.  We love you.

Glorify Jesus.

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