The Crucified Leadership Training Conference is a broadcast that is dedicated to building the individual to hear, listen and converse with GOD. Thus, critical principles on connecting to the spiritual realm, connecting with the right frequency of the Shepherd's Voice (according to John 10) and to depend by total obedience to the words that proceed out of the mouth of GOD with ease, speed and in comfort are presented. Click for more: CLTC.



The save-a-youth MOVEMENT Broadcast is a program for a group of Volunteered – Willing – Obedient individuals with testimonies of benefits and fulfilments from the Crucified Leadership training conference, to practically inspire and impact a youth for a divine change and focus to ordained issues and activities of life thereby, fulfilling divine expectations in PEACE while training the listeners and participants for a launch-out in a spread to save-a-youth, at a time, from destruction and fulfil the great mandate of peace through JESUS CHRIST.



This broadcast covers issues and topics which well-up an awakening and cause a consciousness to the need to know, hear and follow the voice by a relationship with GOD. It is a divine interaction where understanding to divine judgment of the principles and manifestation of Truth is achieved. This is powered by reason to the divine ORDER, LIMITATION, and EXEMPTION of activities in life; thereby, providing principles on how to live above the waste, preparing the soul for a life of peace in eternity.


The Voice of Destiny addresses GOD's thoughts pertaining to the content of the scriptures: found in the Holy Bible (which is the constitution of destiny). Therefore, this program presents the intention of GOD's voice upon HIS written word to cause understanding and appropriate direction for peace.


This program addresses GOD's purpose of freedom from captivity against evil thoughts and words which operate by the movement of spirits in the individual. It also delves into the healing of the mind, the heart and the body by the revelations from the Voice of GOD to live in peace both on earth, in health, and in eternity.



This broadcast basically defines, enlightens, empowers and fulfills the divine purpose of the wife in the home with the resulting expectation of peace and fulfilments, through topical issues by revelation and scriptural backing on the ideal precepts of the institution of marriage and GOD's thought on the home.


The HELPMEET broadcasts bring a variety of sessions where answers are given on questions asked by people on contemporary issues on a relationship, marriage and the ideal concepts of fulfilling the mandate of the home, marriage and the family. To send questions, click on HELPMEET.

Young Ministers' Flaming Seminar

This is the broadcast for the inter-denominational youth gathering, outreach and movement by the CrucifiedWay Ministry to enlighten and empower sensitivity of young ministers; to create the awareness to reach unreached nations with the intent of soul reformation thus, perfecting GOD's design in HIS PERFECT WILL and MASTER PLAN in DISCIPLESHIP.


This is an enlightening, empowering and interactive session on voice-related issues with regard to the individual’s practical situation or conditions against the peace of life. These sessions present discussions and answers to questions asked on the issues of hearing and conversing with the Voice of GOD. Please note that all questions are treated while keeping the details of the askers confidential. In these broadcast issues regarding voice confusion, depressions, frustrations, pain, weakness and others alike with regards to the issues of life are dealt with by revelation and practical solutions by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit are given. To ask questions, kindly visit this page: VOICE CLINIC.


This is a platform of discourses and deliberations to the state of peace of the individual; thus, examining the opposing sides for a decision of peace. Principles and formats of guidelines are placed before the individual as thoughts for practical obedience towards the right destination of peace in eternity, as the soul journeys to eternity; overcoming various levels of immorality and glorifying JESUS CHRIST.

Bible Study Lesson

This program presents new lessons by revelation and insights from the Holy Spirit on Bible stories which fill the mind of the listener with more details on GOD’s Perfect Will and how all HIS Creations should act according to HIS Will by depending on HIS Will and to live by HIS Master Plan.

Just Obedience

This broadcast addresses pertinent issues of truth from the bible and a study guide that are necessary to prepare the soul for eternity. Among such issues include the basic principles of love, forgiveness, repentance, baptism, the institution of marriage and JESUS as the salvation of the entire world.

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