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CLtC BASICs Training Instructions


The CLtC BASICs Training are CLtC Lecture-trainings which are specially tailored after an ordered sequence to ensure a judicious and well-cultured atmosphere that would enable the individual to develop sensitivity, dependence and obedience - in totality - to the Voice of GOD which conveys the WORD - needed - for ordained manifestation in life. These lectures and trainings are highly important and foundational for the individual-in-training to study (with) in order to hear and converse with The Voice of The Shepherd - JESUS CHRIST.

It is important to also note that these lecture-trainings are important templates for conversation - as in relationship - with The Shepherd: JESUS CHRIST. In order to perfect assimilation, ensure practical application and certify a grounded understanding after each CLtC BASICs Training, there would be follow-up questions for manifestation to perfect hearing the Voice of The Shepherd - JESUS CHRIST. To begin this highly reccommended Process, an individual must go through the Registration of the Crucified Leadership training Conference (CLtC).

Additionally, Kindly find provisional instructions for Training with the CLtC as well as the CLtC BASICs Training

1. Watch and LISTEN (attentively) to specific CLtC BASICs Programmes on the CRUCIFIEDWAYtv and Radio as directed and instructed for progressive development in (your) training to hear and converse with the Voice of The Shepherd - JESUS CHRIST.

2. Train with the instructions.

3. Manifest obediently the instructions.

4. If there are difficulties, kindly visit the VOICE CLINIC, fill the form and please be absolutely free to discuss with us as we arrive at answers of peace to glorify JESUS in JESUS' Name.

5. The CLtC BASICs Training is designed especially for LEADERS after this VISION (Click HERE to know more about this VISION). However, you can train with us by watching or listening-to the CLtC Program on The CrucifiedWAY. Click TV to watch and click RADIO to listen.

To Register for CLtC BASICs Training

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