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Reverend Olusegun and Clara OBAFEMI


This is a NON-RELIGIOUS and interdenominational divine WAY, to basically enlighten and empower the human spirit to be sensitive-to as well as dependent-on the SHEPHERD'S VOICE, spiritually, and to manifest the revealed Word, physically, by total obedience; thereby, taking personal responsibility of life - as a leader - to spiritually and physically affect (other) lives in leadership.

As a NON-RELIGIOUS and interdenominational divine WAY, The CrucifiedWAY Ministry is established to basically enlighten as well as empower the human spirit and life in PEACE - to overcome the oppressive waste(s) and desolation(s) of various acts of immorality which starve the soul - of eternal nourishment - from ending up in peace.

The average life of today (especially that of youths and young adults) is a 'move' in a way of living in the waste(s) of sexual immorality and this is powered by the deceitful strength of the voice of the enemy (or stranger). Therefore, it is important to note that Life is a function of the voice with the word to (determine) the expression or manifestation as activities.

Opening Hours

SUN - FRI at 08:00 - 19:00(GMT+1)
Saturday at 10:00 - 14:00(GMT+1)



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The CrucifiedWAY Ministry is a SOULSHIP: a divine spiritual TEMPLE Worship with the operation-function of the HOLY-GHOST; to be sensitive, dependent and to totally obey the Voice of Truth, GOD and The Shepherd. Redeeming the Souls of the LORD in a Soul-Reformation. The CrucifiedWAY MINISTRY is not a Church denomination; the various arms of manifestations are also not denominational rather this ministry is basically a Divine WAY in a reach-out to Glorify JESUS. We love you. Shalom. Glorify JESUS.

Vision Statements

Glorify JESUS! These statements are who we are, what we stand for, believe in and are sent to do by the Grace of GOD

Our Vision

To enlighten and empower the individual to be sensitive, dependent and totally obedient to the Shepherd’s Voice to live by the Words that proceedeth out of the mouth of GOD, living above the waste of various forms of immorality, nourishing the soul with values and the nature of GOD to end peacefully in eternity.

Our Mission

Enlightening THY people on the divine principles of life, the discipline to life and the instruction for life; establishing the Save-A-Youth MOVEMENT (say-M) This movement is interdenominational with the human SOUL as the divine focus powered by our VISION-STATEMENTS.

Our Purpose

Living above waste and nourishing the soul to end up peacefully in eternity. Taking personal responsibility of destiny in life, restoring divine worship in fellowship and the benefits thereby (I John 2: 27).

Our Faith

Nothing happens without the Divine Voice-Word, to guide into all truth, showing things to come and glorifying Jesus (John 5:30).

Our Value

Living by the revealed Word from GOD (Matthew 4:4).

Our Salvation

Making sure you are CHRIST-like (Galatians 2:20).

Our Mandate

Save A Youth by discipleship-making.

Our Expectation

Discover “whom” you are, discern “what” you are, manifest “why” you are and GLORIFY JESUS.

Our Target

Our divine target is to the individual-SOUL. A personal development of the human spirit (as an individual) to hear, be sensitive, dependent and totally obedient to the Voice of the LORD. To make the individual the Divine LEADER by creation and to network in life by LEADERSHIP beyond religion, denomination, ignorance, tradition, custom(s) with encouraging suggestions and deceitful facts. To build the individual's authority on the WORD (CHRIST) beyond the confusion, doubt and fear in the world. To position the individual as a friend of GOD in divine relationship. To speak with GOD as a man speaks to a friend with ease, with speed and in comfort. To run a training conference where everyone is inspired, motivated and empowered to manifest their ordained ministry(ies) as revealed by GOD; thus, maximizing potentials, freely. Here, all is ONE, promoting and perfecting the Oneness Principle of life in communion.

Our Divine Instruction

It is GOD’s expectation that we - by this training - live by the WORD that proceeds from HIS Mouth and this starts with the individual. This then proceeds to "a-youth" in a discipleship design and flow, and then to another "a-youth" and to another "a-youth" until the youths in the Land are introduced to this attitude and behaviour to live by the revealed Word from GOD. This discipleship formula is “made to make”. In other words, "trained to train", as a disciple-maker.

Our Belief

We must deny ourselves, take up our cross (in HIS Cross) and follow HIM (CHRIST) - Matthew 16:24

Our Worship

Glorify JESUS!