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Crucified Leadership training Conference (CLtC)

...the Crucified Life

The CLtC is a NON-RELIGIOUS and an interdenominational training programme of peace to achieve a one-one relationship with the CREATOR; manifesting and living by the revealed Word from GOD. This arm of the CrucifiedWay Ministry basically builds the individual’s instruction and destiny to be sensitive, dependent and totally obedient to the Divine Voice of GOD. The CLtC divinely assists the individual to recognise and identify their ordained possessions as GOD’s Thoughts (destiny) for the individual and provides divine counsel and judgement to the manifestations of and in destiny. Every teaching is designed to enlighten and empower the individual to fulfil their GOD-given destiny. In other words, the CLtC brings out the LEADER - in the individual - for LEADERSHIP, with practical human developments of the spirit to the Voice of GOD.

Many people are only conscious that they hear but only few are sensitive, dependent and totally obedient to the Divine Voice of GOD as a way of life. This is a training conference where everyone is inspired, motivated and empowered to manifest their GOD-given ordained ministry or/and destiny by maximising potentials, freely. In the CLtC all is ONE; thus, promoting and perfecting the oneness principle of life - in communion with GOD and like-minds alike.