The RIB | The CrucifiedWAY Ministry
Reverend Clara Obafemi, the convener of the RIB


This is an interdenominational women ministry basically established by GOD's Instruction to define, enlighten, empower and fulfil the divine purpose of the wife in the home with the resulting expectation of peace and fulfilments. This is done, by GOD's Grace, through topical seminars and conferences and is open to the Singles, "the Alones" and the Married.

In The RIB, the definition of marriage is taken from its radical point and the restoration of GOD's Thoughts, Intentions, Imaginations and Expections is the ultimate goal. It’s a total family package for the hollistic grooming of GOD's definition before, in and for ideal marriage. This Arm is also a program which streams in our Media Platforms: The CrucifiedWAYTv and CrucifiedWAYRadio and in each episode, Divine principles on GOD's Divine Design and Intention for the Home and Family are expounded.


With the CrucifiedWAYTv and CrucifiedWAYRadio you can stream our marital-reforming trainings that would change your life and elevate your relationship to what GOD says it should be. Click below to access streaming options

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